Commercial Kitchen Installation

Always as an option and service to our clients, we offer full service commercial kitchen installations. There are stainless steel fabricators and there are install companies, however, there are very few that have the experience to perform both as part of your food service project. We have crews that have traveled internationally installing projects in Kuwait, the Bahamas, Canada and throughout the United States.

Stainless Fabrication + Installation

During the installation phase we work directly with all trades involved to coordinate delivery and job schedule. Our installers understand the project expectations from our pre-construction meetings. From field measurements, we fabricate have two sets of Masonite templates to ensure product fitment.

These templates are cut internally from our Biesse Woodworking CNC. This extra step assures proper and ease of installation per the client, GC or Owner’s, specifications. All subs and tradesmen understand the schedule and expectations to meet the projects criteria for completion.

At the end of the project a final walk through with the client is done to ensure quality control and that expectations have been met.