Stainless Steel Fabrication

Fabrication, especially for the food services industry and commercial kitchens, is the art of creating something impressive, completely different from the raw materials that went into it.


Once a project is awarded the following processes are set in motion:

  • Shop drawings are developed in-house by our CAD department.
  • Once shop drawings are approved from the client, the project is added to our production schedule and is assigned a ship date.
  • Once field measurements are verified, fabrication starts with a prefab review between our manufacturing engineer and the assigned project manager.
  • Fabrication specifics from shop drawings are sent to programming in order to build and nest the cut files for the fiber option laser.
  • Once cut on the Laser, parts are sent to the press brakes for forming.
  • Those formed parts are then sent to one of our welders for assembly.
  • Once complete, the welded assembly goes to grinding and polishing.
  • Any project mill work will be built and assembled following this same procedure in conjunction with the fabrication.
  • Once complete, the product is shipped from our facility directly to the project site for installation.
  • If Albers is installing the project, the field foreman and project manager take over.